Get Rid Of Migraine Pain With These Home Remedies

Migraines are long lasting and recurrent headaches which can range from moderate to severe. The pain can be triggered from bright lights, certain smells or loud sounds. The excruciating discomfort often affects one side of the head and can last from a day to three. Migraine is a neurological condition characterized by intense headaches accompanied with nausea, vomiting or tingling sensations around the face or limbs. It is usually genetic, meaning it tends to run in the family. However, not all headaches are migraines despite causing acute pain in the head. The exact causes of migraines are unknown; however, swelling and contraction of the blood vessels in the head and changes in the neurotransmitters or brain chemicals might be the leading causes. Constant stress, anxiety and tension can be the reasons for headaches or migraine attacks. Migraines and headaches can happen at any age; however, women are more susceptible. Drugs that constrict the blood vessels, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen, are usually prescribed by doctors. One can rest in a dark room with no sounds for immediate relief. These painkillers are helpful but why pop tablets each time when you can easily ditch the practice with the help of some remedies.

1. Grape juice

Yes, it provides relief from migraine! Blend fresh grapes with some water to prepare your own migraine-relieving drink. Drink this twice a day for pain relief. It is a powerhouse of dietary fibers, Vitamin A and C with considerable amount of carbohydrates. It is also a well known antioxidant citrus fruit and a great home remedy for migraine.

2. Ginger

The root that helps in relieving stress and pain from other body parts is sure to help for migraine pain too. Ginger juice combined with some lemon juice or ginger in a cup of tea or even a paste of ginger powder is a great home remedy to help you to get rid of migraine.

home remedies for migraine pain relief

Ginger tea helps in calming migraine pain

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3. Cinnamon

A miracle spice, cinnamon will not just provide flavour to your food but also prove an effective home remedy to cure migraine. A paste of cinnamon powder combined with water, when applied on forehead and temples for a time period of 30 minutes and then removed with warm water, provides relief from pain.

home remedies for migraine pain relief

Cinnamon paste applied on forehead is relieving

4. Just a little caffeine

Limited amount of caffeine should be taken when you feel that migraine is approaching in order to control the amount of discomfort that can be caused. But this doesn’t happen for people who are addicted to caffeine. In that case, you may start experiencing pain even if there wasn’t any pain initially.
Here’s a list of home remedies to cure migraine lined up to promote a healthier treatment of migraine that provide relief for a longer period of time:-

5. Try to avoid too much light

Sitting in too much light can prove very discomforting and can even increase the amount of pain you experience. So it is not a bad idea to turn down the lights or wear glasses for some time.

home remedies for migraine pain relief

Avoid too much light

6. Massage

The simplest way to relieve that migraine pain is to give yourself or ask someone to give you a massage. Stretching your neck and base of your scalp and massage gently to boost blood circulation, this will help you relax, sending all the pain away.

Simple and swift, these home remedies to cure migraine pain will prove for you, and what’s more, the need for tablets is also completely.


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